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Sunday, January 3, 2016


What they don't tell you is that Pregnancy can actually be quite horrible! They give you a little hint by mentioning that "it's all worth it in the end" but they don't break down every little detail of just how extremely long, painful & exhausting growing a baby can be. I'm apart of the percentage that definitely didn't enjoy being pregnant. Here is a little insight on my pregnancy timeline.

5-6 weeks: 
Naomi & I embarked on our journey to work as we normally did, but started the day off a little different with a discussion of how late I was for my period! She swore I was pregnant & that my breasts were so engorged that I must be! Of course at the time I thought she was being ridiculous. We reached a clients house who had soon become a friend after a short time of servicing her house. She suggested I do a home pregnancy test as she had a spare one lying around! I took the test with us to the next house & peed on the stick as you do! At this stage I probably should have suggested I do it at home but my co worker insisted that she needed to know now haha! I sat it on a piece of toilet paper & went ahead with work. I hear my co worker yell out from afar "YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!!". This is where I yelled out "Fuck off!", I'll point out that I thought she was messing with me and I really thought she was kidding. I walked over to the pink & white stick & I could swear my jaw hit the ground like in one of those cartoon characters on tv. 
The next day Andrew & I decided to get a blood test! Sure enough I was about 5-6 weeks pregnant! 

6-13 weeks : 
Something everyone also forgets to mention is that you turn into an absolute psychopath & cry your eyes out over just about anything as your body tries to cope with all the changes! Countless times I think I drove my poor fiancĂ© over the edge with my madness. Accusing him of "wanting another girlfriend" (I don't think he could handle two to be honest haha) I accused him every single day of not loving me anymore, I have no idea how I even come to believe any of this was fact, but thankfully my love road it out like a champ. Along with the nausea & headaches the first trimester was finally over! 

14-26 weeks :
I feel that this trimester was probably the best out of the three. Although I was still carrying on with work, it was with ease as I hadn't quite gotten to a ridiculous size that continuing work was some what uncomfortable. Furthermore there were times that I still struggled to do day to day activities. Shortness of breath was something I carried throughout the pregnancy, as well as a temperature that could have been close to ridiculous! Probably the worst symptom I could think of was the thrush, little did I know that I would carry this with me for the entire 9 months! Horrible, horrible itching & burning, for 9 months!!! 

27- 42 weeks :
Although I discontinued working at 32 weeks, this didn't really make life easier. My main discomfort was when my little man went Posterior, no one mentions that your baby can go Posterior. Only rainbows & butterflies remember. I had broken my back 3 years prior to becoming pregnant which definitely made him being back to back that little bit more painful! Soon enough he turned though & I could try to "enjoy" pregnancy.  Every day I seemed be watching the clock & every day time went slower & slower. I could have sworn I'd gone mad!  40 weeks was a little more exciting as I was now expecting my son at any moment, little did I know he wasn't ready to come out at all! 
I did everything mentionable to try to get him to make an entrance into our world, but I have to be the one to break it to everyone, IT DOESNT WORK! I hiked to the end of god damn Portsea, I had sex (awful, awful sex)  I drank Raspberry tea, I had hot baths, I stimulated my nipples (yes, yes I did), I did all the home remedies plus Acupuncture & NOTHING worked! So for the women who have success stories, I would say it was a fluke! 

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