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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Meeting Him

The first time I laid eyes on my baby boy was easily the most beautiful, astounding moment of my life. No words can truly describe how I felt then & there but I was absolutely in awe of our creation. I could only catch a glimpse of him as he was taken across the room to be cleaned up & have his umbilical cord cut, but the very sight of him made my bottom lip quiver. I'd never had that happen to me as an adult, it was a feeling inside me that I had literally never felt. A love like no other. This is when I remembered everyone's comments about it all being "worth it", it definitely was. I would be pregnant again a thousand times over for this overwhelming feeling of love! When he was placed in my arms, my love also grew for Andrew, for he was half the reason this gorgeous little human existed! 
We had decided on a name a couple of weeks prior to him coming into the world, Hunter James. It suited him utterly & completely. He weighed a healthy 10lb 9oz & was 56cms tall! He was so squishy, beautiful, chubby, amazing, so many words I could describe him with. This was truly the best moment of my life, nothing will ever feel more special than the birth of my son. 

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